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Real Estate Loans


Facilitating Commercial Real Estate Loans


Purchase commercial real estate with help from Falkirk Capital, LLC, in Dallas, Texas. We offer financial services such as mortgage loans, as well as the purchasing and refinancing of properties.

Credit Tenant Lease Loan

Get loans on investment-grade commercial properties. We offer credit tenant lease (CTL) loans, which can be used to purchase or refinance a property. CTL financing allows clients to fully leverage the rental stream. In addition, it is viewed as a bond. Therefore, its interest rates are based on the credit of the tenant. Falkirk Capital, LLC, provides the following:

• Loan-to-Value Ratios up to 100%
• 1.01 to 1.05 Minimum Debt Coverage Ratio
•Non-Recourse Financing to the Borrower
•Construction-to-Permanent and Long-Term Financing

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Apartment Loans

If you need to purchase or refinance apartment complexes, you've come to the right company. We provide highly competitive multi-family financing for loan sizes above $2,000,000. Through the help of our partners Freddie Mac™ and Fannie Mae™, we are able to offer non-recourse loans, as well as 30-year amortizations, and up to 80% loan-to-value ratios at highly competitive interest rates.

Single- and Multi-Tenant Property Loans

Falkirk Capital, LLC, provides financial assistance to single- and multi-tenant commercial buildings. We offer competitive rates with long-term loans. This service also includes a 30-year amortization and a loan-to-value ratio of up to 75%. Please note that loans are assumable and non-recourse. We will originate loans nationally, including Alaska and Hawaii. Multi-tenant loans cover the following commercial properties:

Industrial | Medical Office | Corporate Office | Retail | Self-Storage

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